4 of each for $922 - Purchase (WebDriver & Tech Web)

Bulk purchase of course licenses - one payment and you will receive a $0 coupon which allows multiple registrations on the courses

Take this Course for $922
A bulk purchase of 4 licenses for Selenium WebDriver with Java and 4 licenses for Technical Web Testing 101

4 for $922 (saving $44)

Delivery of your bulk purchase is partly manual so there will be a short delay in you receiving the coupon for multiple registrations but we try to complete this process on the same day you make the purchase.

  1. - You purchase this course bundle
  2. - You receive access to the courses 
  3. - We will automatically receive an email with purchase notification from Zenler (the course hosting site)
  4. - We will manually create a $0 coupon for the course that allows the extra registrations on the course as the license, e.g. 3 more WebDriver and 3 more Technical Web Testing
  5. - We will email you the license coupon
  6. - You distribute the coupon to your team and they can sign up to the course without having to purchase the course individually

If you need more licenses than the bulk purchases we have created on the site then Contact Us (https://compendiumdev.zenler.com/contact) and we will quote you the cost for a bulk license, and then setup the bulk purchase option for you.

Alan Richardson