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Technical Testing and Automation Conference talks, papers and additional information by "The Evil Tester"

Do you find conferences expensive? Did you perhaps miss one my talks at a conference since 2003?

Did you miss one of my webinars?

Most conferences don't record the talks, so normally the only way to hear a talk is by attending the conference. Webinars are often recorded but the audio is sometimes choppy.

That is no longer the case with my work. Since I rarely repeat a talk, most of my Keynotes and presentations are unique to the conference and the attendees, if you miss it, you miss it.

In this 'course' you'll find Testing talks (Technical Testing, Automation), with supplementary materials, slides, scripts and associated papers.

Imagine each of my talks moving from a 40 minute presentation to a 2 hour workshop which included references and exercises. And we can carry on the discussions in the Q&A section of the course.

Each talk will have a slightly different set of materials, but you'll see material and bonuses like:

  • an introduction (possibly a video) for each presentation explaining the aims, rationale and history of the talk
  • a recording of the talk as a pre-conference session
  • if the talk was recorded live, then there will be a recording
  • the slides used
  • any unused slides with an extra recording describing what they would cover and why they were removed
  • any text essays, papers or scripts that I used during the construction of the talk
  • a resources list for follow on work
  • a summary of the talk and lessons learned
'Technical Testing' and Automation talks will be added to this course.

You can see from the syllabus the talks and material that have been added.

Intended Audience: Software Testing Professionals

Introduction for Eurostar Mobile Deep Dive 2015
Publicly Available Content & Overview
"Technical Mobile Testing" Talk Recording
Closing Remarks
Slides, Transcript & Exercises (.pdf)
Bonus Video: Testing on a Device is a Risk
Bonus Audio: Live Recording from Eurostar Mobile Deep Dive
Bonus Audio: Live Q&A Recording - What if we are not technical?
Bonus Audio: "Technical Mobile Testing" Talk Recording
Introduction - How to Improve your Technical Test Ability
Publicly Available Content & Overview
"How to Improve your Technical Test Ability" Recording
Slides, Transcript, Exercises & References (.pdf)
Closing Remarks
Bonus Video: Live in Poland "How to Improve your Technical Test Ability"
Bonus Video: Live Q&A "Why are you evil"
Bonus Video: Own your automation abstractions e.g. Page Objects
Bonus Audio: Office Recording
Bonus Audio: Live Recording
Introduction to Risk Webinar
Publicly Available Content & Overview
Risk Webinar Talk Recording Video
Slides, Transcript & Exercises (.pdf)
Closing Remarks
Bonus: Live Q&A Recording Video
Bonus: Live Recording Video
Bonus: Talk Recording Audio
Bonus: Live Recording Audio
Publicly Available Content & Overview
Sigist 2016 Talk Office Recording Video
Closing Remarks
Slides, Transcript & Exercises (.pdf)
Bonus: Live Recording Q&A Video
Bonus: Live Recording Video
Bonus: Live Recording Audio
Bonus: Talk Recording Audio
Introduction - Automate or Die
Publicly Available Content
"Automate or Die!" Talk (Full Version)
Slides, Transcript, References & Exercises (.pdf)
Closing Remarks - Automate or Die!
Bonus Video: This is not a Pipe
Bonus Audio: Full Recording of "Automate or Die!"
Bonus Audio: Live Recording of TestWorksConf 2015 Keynote
Introduction - Practical Lessons Learned
Publicly Available Content
"Practical Lessons Learned in Test Automation" Talk Recording
Slides, Transcript, Exercises & References (.pdf)
Closing Remarks
Bonus Video: Unused Historical Notes Video
Bonus Video: Unused Case Studies Video
Bonus Video: Unused Staffing And Recruitment Tips Video
Bonus Video: Unused Abstraction Tips Video
Bonus Audio Downloads: for All "Unused" Videos
Bonus PDFs: Unused Slides & Transcript
Publicly Available Information
Intro Slides
How we describe automation
Heuristics of what to automate
A model of the secrets of automating
Problems Encountered when automating
Problem Diagnostic Tips
Problems faced when more experienced
What levels to automate at? GUI? API?
What abstractions do you use?
Hints to improve testability?
How is coding different for testers?
How do you estimate the effort to automate?
Any tools you recommend other than Webdriver?
How do you move into speaking and training?
Approaches to decision making and research
Future of Testing
Closing Remarks
Slides and Transcripts
Bonus: WebDriver Lessons Learned (video)
Q&A Do too many abstraction layers make automating hard?
Q&A What do you mean by Synchronisation?
Q&A How do you handle large volumes of data?
Q&A What do you think about Appium?
Q&A If you don't write frameworks what do you write?
Q&A About Page Objects - anything better?
Q&A How do you improve yourself and your community?
Q&A If I can code, why stay a tester?
Q&A Page Objects vs SoapUI?
Q&A Our framework is too big to maintain - why?
Q&A Doesn't a lot of code equal a framework?
Q&A Have you used any BDD frameworks?
Q&A What about special app code for synchronisation?
Q&A Should we postpone automating until an application is stable?
Q&A Should we run our tests on different browsers?
Q&A Any examples of bugs that went live despite automating?
Q&A What about BDD would that have helped?
Q&A What percentage of automating in continuous delivery?
Q&A What do we do about tests that fail randomly?
Q&A Do you use tools for test coverage?
Q&A What about trends? Docker, Devops etc.
Video Bonus: Full Webinar Video (50 mins)
Video Bonus: Full QnA Video
Audio Bonus: Full Webinar Audio (50 mins)
Audio Bonus: Full Q&A Audio (50 mins)
Audio Bonus: WebDriver Lessons Learned (Audio)
Publicly Available Content
Live Presentation - video (30 min version)
Live Q&A
Introduction - video (full version)
Parallel Execution
Long Running Tests
Bonus Audio
​Publicly Available Content
Live - pt 0 - "Agile Tour London 2017" Talk (Live)
Live - pt 1 - "Agile Tour London 2017" Talk (Live)Untitled Lesson
Live - pt 2 - "Agile Tour London 2017" Talk (Live)
Practice - Agile Tour London 2017 Talk
Slides (.pdf)
Bonus Audio: Talks as MP3
Publicly Available Content
If You Want To Automate... Talk
Questions and Answers
Slides, Transcript & Notes (.pdf)
Bonus Audio: Presentation and Q&A
Publicly Available Content
Office Presentation - video
Audio Live With Q&A
Audio Practice
Publicly Available Content
Live - "National Software Testing Conference 2018" Talk
Bonus Audio: Talk as MP3
Bonus Transcript PDF
Bonus Written Case Studies PDF
Publicly Available Content & Overview
Agile Testers 2018 Talk Office Recording Video
Slides, Transcript (.pdf)
Bonus: Hands On Demo Technology Based Technical Testing
Bonus: Live Using Total Validator Pro to support testing
Bonus: Talk Recording Audio
Publicly Available Content & Overview
Eurostar 2018 Talk Office Recording Video
BONUS: Live Lightning Talk Recording "Our Agile Project is Screwed Up"
Eurostar 2018 Live Recording Video
BONUS: Lightning Talk Practice - 5 mins of extra information
BONUS: Quick Thoughts on Risk
Bonus: Audio Recordings
Slides, Transcript (.pdf)

What's included

  • 102 Video Lessons
  • 61 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Alan Richardson