Technical Web Testing 101

Introducing the tools, techniques and thought processes that help you become more technical, and test more thoroughly.

This course will help you perform more technical testing.

It will introduce you to the basic concepts and tools you need to help you take the next step in your testing evolution.

We need to test more technically in order to find more deeply hidden bugs. To investigate architectural risk. To improve our understanding of the applications we test.
This course will pull together introductory information for a range of topics. The course was originally envisaged as a series of small focused introductory courses. Instead I decided to collate all the smaller courses into this. The benefit for you is that this course will grow to provide introductory showcases for all aspects of technical web testing.

This course expands on my popular webinar on Technical Web Testing and provides an overview of the tools and thought processes you need to know.

People have been raving about this course since we first released it, check out these reviews:

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  • "This was an excellent course and a great intro to the field"
  • "dive right in and get your hands dirty...the ONLY real way to learn it"
  • "Great for beginners!"
  • "Quite an eye opener"
  • "I can't thank you enough Alan"
  • "Great start as an overview and philosophical approach"
  • "Tremendous!"
  • "I've just finished watching the course and I have to say, my mind is overflowing with ideas"
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Intended Audience: professionals

Absolute Basics
Should you maintain a Tool List?
The MORIM model
Some free online applications to test against
Self Study Applications to test against
Intro to modern browsers
Overview of Firebug in Firefox
Firefox WebConsole
Google Chrome Incognito Mode
Chrome Editing Cookies
An exploratory technical web testing session using chrome
Exploratory Test Session Notes
View Page Source Introduction
Exercise: View Page Source Challenges
View Page Source Challenge Slide Retrospective
View Page Source Challenge Live Retrospective
Incognito Mode Introduction
Exercise: Incognito Mode Challenges
Incognito Mode Challenges Slide Retrospective
Incognito Mode Challenges Live Example
What is RestMud?
Recommended sites for adventure games
Install and Start Playing RestMud
How to Play RestMud
Exercise: RestMud Single Player Game: Basic Adventure
Introduction to HTTP Proxies
What is an HTTP Proxy?
Configure Firefox to Use BurpSuite Proxy
Basics of BurpSuite
Repeating a Request in BurpSuite
Intercepting and manipulating requests
Generic Configure Browser to use a proxy
Self Study Recommended Books
Self Study Recommended Proxies to Try
Next actions
How To Chain HTTP Debug Proxies
What is REST?
Exercise: Explore a REST API using a Browser
Exercise Answers: Explore a REST API using a Browser
REST Clients and Postman Client
Exercise: Postman Client
Exercise Answers: Postman Client
Postman Lessons Learned
Example: Playing RestMud without a GUI
Exercise: Play RestMud without a GUI
PostMan through a proxy - example using RestMud
A Little More REST Theory
Sample REST APis to practice on
Slides and resources
Javascript Console Section Intro
The Evil Tester Sloganizer Applicaton Overview
Exercise: The Evil Tester Sloganizer Applicaton Overview
JavaScript Functions and Objects
Exercise: JavaScript Functions and Objects
JavaScript Loops and Console Output
Example of Interacting with Evil Tester Sloganizer
Exercise: Interact with Evil Tester Sloganizer
Answers: Interact with Evil Tester Sloganizer
TodoMVC JavaScript Application Overview
TodoMVC Application CRUD
TodoMVC Application Exercises
TodoMVC Application Exercise Answers
TodoMVC Application Summary
Advanced Technique - setInterval and clearInterval
Overview of Chrome Source Snippets
Source of Other People's Snippets
How to import and export Chrome Snippets
Essential JavaScript References
Overview of blogs and Youtube video to watch
Fun Free Coding Game to Practice JavaScript on
Viewing mobile phone device traffic using a computer proxy - fiddler
Viewing mobile phone traffic using a computer proxy - burpsuite
Viewing iOS traffic using a computer proxy
Android Mobile VMLite VNC Server Demo
Android Mobile VMLite VNC Server Overview
How to emulate mobile devices using Chrome browser
How to view iOS Device Screens on a Windows PC
An introduction to Wireshark
Installing Wireshark
Decrypting 802.11 Traffic
An Android Wireshark Testing Session
The philosphy of Wireshark
Text notes for the Wireshark Section
Introducing Virtualbox Turnkey Virtual Machines for Web Testing
Testing redirection from www to mobile site
End Notes
Where Next?
Evil Testers Guide to Technical Testing Webinar
Thinking Visually in Software Testing Webinar
Thinking Visually in Software Testing Webinar Notes and Extras
Surface Structure Examples
What Is Testing?
My Model of Technical Testing
Technical Testing Models
Reflections on Technical Testing
How to do Technical Testing
Demo of Browser Based Technical Testing
Bonus - Resources Explained
Bonus - Resources Slides
Q&A 001 - How do you balance effort between testing and technical testing?
Q&A 002 - Can you show JavaScript bypass approach?
Q&A 003 - How much time to spend on technical testing?
Q&A 004 - When can you start technical testing?
Q&A 005 - Risk of chasing wrong things?
Q&A 006 - How would you evaluate redmine?
Q&A 007 - Example of funny defect?
Q&A 008 - What model did you have in mind testing redmine form?
Q&A 009 - How do you know when to stop?
Q&A 010 - Estimation Tips?
Q&A 011 - No such user would do this?
Q&A 012 - How would you explain to non-technical person a technical issue?
Q&A 013 - Explain script for detecting 404s etc.?
Q&A 014 - How would you clear cookies for automation?
Q&A 015 - Can you do technical testing on mobile?
Q&A 016 - What about native mobile apps?
Q&A 017 - Do you recommend wireshark for mobile testing?
Q&A 018 - Comment on Secure Apps Testing
Q&A 019 - Could this tampering happen in real life?
Q&A 020 - Is there a risk of finding tool defects?
Q&A 021 - How to integrate performance testing?
Q&A 022 - Do you have a general approach?
Q&A 023 - Has a Customer found Technical Issues?

What's included

  • 120 Video Lessons
  • 7 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Alan Richardson